The Benefits of Springtime Maintenance


We talk a lot about repairs and replacements of air conditioners in this blog, but what we don\’t talk about enough is when to get quality maintenance performed. To be honest, there is a multitude of reasons to get AC maintenance in the springtime and we\’d like to talk about some of those reasons today.

AC maintenance in Calgary, AB isn\’t nearly as optional as people make it out to be. It could be the difference between having an air conditioner that lasts 15 years and one that barely lasts 10. One of those scenarios is going to have you paying more money, earlier—which is exactly what we\’re trying to avoid!

So, take a seat and put on your reading glasses. It\’s time to figure out what our AC maintenance services can do for you and why it\’s so important to schedule them in the spring.

Let Us Count the Ways

We could seriously go on for ages about the benefits of routine AC maintenance but the truth of the matter is that we want to cover the basics. It\’s important for homeowners to know the major uses of routine maintenance and how it can help them when scheduled in the spring.

Springtime is known as the \”shoulder season\” because temperatures are mild enough where air conditioners or heaters aren\’t working too hard. As contractors, we get less calls about emergency fixes and new installations than we would in the summer or winter. That means our staff is free and ready to perform maintenance when you need it—which is why springtime is the absolute best time to schedule an appointment like this. Let our technicians take all the time they need!

Prolonged Life Expectancy

Your system will simply last longer when you sign up for routine maintenance. This isn\’t because of some magical reason, it\’s purely because having a professional technician perform minor adjustments, increase effectiveness and efficiency, and warn you of upcoming repairs, can overall make your system very happy. Air conditioners that are neglected year after year often run with problems that don\’t get addressed until the last minute, and by then it\’s too late.

Improved Efficiency

Your air conditioner is supposed to perform by using as little energy as possible to perform the greatest amount of cooling that you require. When AC units begin sucking up too much power, it\’s usually already too late. Having your system routinely maintained each year is the perfect way to make sure that higher energy bills don\’t creep up on you year after year. A professional technician will know exactly how much your system should cost to run and can make all the adjustments to ensure it works that way.

Less Frequent Repairs

Sure, an air conditioner will need to be repaired a few times in its life. However, the process is made a whole lot easier when many of those minor repairs can be done during a maintenance appointment. Like seeing a doctor for a checkup, minor aches and pains can be addressed before they become major problems, leading to an overall better time. Your AC and your wallet will thank you for scheduling maintenance.

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