Boiler Installation & Replacement in Calgary

Are you tired of your old, unreliable boiler constantly breaking down and leaving you in the cold?

A new boiler installation or replacement can revolutionize your home’s heating system and ensure that you never have to shiver in the bitter chill. 

Boiler Installation & Replacement

There will come a time when the cost of repeated boiler repairs may surpass the cost of replacing your old boiler system with a new one. If you’re approaching that point, call Shift Air Mechanical and ask about our boiler installation & replacement services. Our highly trained and licensed experts take great pride in recommending and installing custom designed boiler systems to meet your needs, budget, and expectations.

How Do You Know Your Boiler Needs to Be Replaced?

It’s easy to identify a failing boiler when you’re not getting heat or hot water.  But would you recognize the signs of an impending breakdown, if they were right in front of you? It’s important that you know what to look for because a failing boiler could lead to water damage, carbon monoxide poisoning and other costly problems. Watch for these signs and call Shift Air Mechanical boiler replacement experts to avoid being left in the cold this winter.

Escalating Costs

Whether your utility expenses have gone through the roof or your repair bills are adding up, both are good indicators that it may be time to start considering a boiler replacement.

The Age of Your Boiler is Beginning to Show

If your current boiler is 15+ years old, is rusting, leaking, or pooling water, it may be time to schedule a free consultation with Shift Air Mechanical.


The older a boiler system gets the more energy it is using to heat your home. Newer systems are designed to be both energy efficient and long-lasting.

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Benefits of a New Boiler Installation

New and retrofit boilers can deliver up to 98% efficiency, with an average life expectancy of more than 20 years.  Many boilers are designed to provide both hot water and heat. The top benefits of upgrading to a new boiler include: 

  • Better Comfort: Enjoy consistent heat, even temperatures, and improved air quality.
  • Greater Energy Efficiency: Cost savings that start the day we install it. Expect to save an average of 20 to 50 percent. Old boilers might be as low as 65% efficient, wasting your fuel dollars.
  • Enhanced Safety: Old units can be unsafe because they lack features designed to prevent failure. In new units, when one part fails, the whole unit is locked out completely to avoid further damage.

We offer a full selection of NAVIEN boilers, which offer the best combination of gas heating and energy efficiency.  Ask about our workmanship warranty on all installations when you call for your free in-home estimate. 

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