Tankless Water Heater Services in Calgary

Are you tired of waiting around for your traditional water heater to heat up?

Say goodbye to those frustrating cold showers and hello to the efficiency and convenience of a tankless water heater! 

Water Heaters Are an Essential Part of Modern Homes

Most homeowners don’t think about their water heater. That is until it’s leaking or broken. Your water heater is probably the most neglected appliance in your home. It isn’t designed to last very long, either. Traditional hot water heaters are designed to provide gallons of hot water at one time:  When it’s not actively heating and cycling water through your pipes, the water sits in the tank – rusting the metal inside and creating sediment in the bottom. After 10 to 12 years, it will probably need to be replaced. So, now is the time to consider your options. Plan on another tank style water heater or save a few more dollars for a new tankless water heater?


Is a Tankless Water Heater Right for You?

A tankless water heater, whether gas or electric, is designed to heat water only on demand. Water leaves your water supply line and enters the heater and flows around a heating unit on its way to the faucet without being stored in a tank. So, it doesn’t have the opportunity to cool off again. The key feature is that the heater does not turn on until it senses that a hot water tap is being opened.

The Advantages of Going Tankless

With the cost of energy on the rise, many of us are looking for ways to save on our monthly electric or gas bills. Having a tankless water heater can be a great investment. Tankless water heaters can provide huge energy savings and endless hot water.

Traditional hot water heaters provide gallons of hot water at one time. For example, an 80-gallon tank heats enough water to provide water for a shower, run a dishwasher, and do a load of laundry simultaneously. But standby energy loss is significant with traditional hot water heaters. And, once you’ve exhausted the hot water supply, you’ll wait 20 to 60 minutes for the heater to cook up more.

A tankless water heater produces hot water only when you need it. When you turn on the faucet, water is heated on the spot as it flows through pipes heated by either a powerful gas burner or electric coils. By heating water only when it’s needed, you reduce energy loss and increase efficiency by 50% over a conventional hot water tank system, about $200 in annual savings for an average household.

  • Longer Product Life
    Some people hesitate to decide on a tankless water heater because they can be a slightly higher cost; however, you get significantly more life out of one. A standard water heater tank lasts about 8-12 years. A tankless water heater can last as-long-as 25 years!
  • Peace of Mind
    Have you ever had a water heater leak? Average water heater tanks hold around 50 or more gallons of water. If your tank gets a leak, that could cause a huge mess and a lot of water damage! Tankless water heaters don’t have that risk since there’s no tank that holds water. A tankless water heater could only cause about as much damage as a leaky faucet, so you don’t have to worry about a catastrophe!
  • Space Savings
    Have you dreamed of what you would do if you had more space your home? A typical water heater is about two feet wide and five feet tall. A tankless water heater, however, is only about 16 inches wide, 26 inches long, and 6 inches deep. It’s much smaller than a tank! Goodbye, giant tank—hello, new laundry room!
  • Energy Efficient
    Since the tankless water heater only heats water up when you want it to, it saves energy. Tank water heaters heat their capacity of water 24/7, whether you need it. It works hard to keep the temperature up, and that eats up energy. With a tankless water heater, if you don’t need hot water all day, it won’t heat up all day.

    For every dollar you put into heating your water, about 82 cents of it heats your water when you have a tankless water heater. When you have a tank water heater, only 60 cents of that dollar are used to heat water. The rest goes down the drain! 

Still Not Sure About to Install a new Tankless Water System?

With all the different models of Tankless water systems available today, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed when choosing the right one for you. If you’re still not sure which type of water heater or which model of Tankless water system to look for your home, breathe easy with assistance from Shift Air Mechanical Calgary HVAC experts.

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