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Top-notch furnace repair services that will keep you warm and cozy all winter long!

Whether your furnace needs a simple tune-up or a major overhaul, there are expert technicians in Calgary who can get the job done quickly and efficiently. 

Complete Furnace Repair Services in Calgary

At Shift Air Mechanical, our expert team of residential heating system experts are skilled at repairing all makes and models of heating systems including gas, propane and electric furnaces, heat pumps, ductless split systems, and more. In addition, our certified technicians are uniquely equipped to provide affordable repair solutions that restore comfort and energy savings.

With Shift Air Mechanical at your side, rest assured your home will stay warm and comfortable all season long. Call us today at (587) 851-6003 for a convenient appointment time. 

Does My Furnace Need a Repair or Replacement?

It can be difficult to determine whether your furnace needs a simple repair or if it’s time to replace your system. In most cases, furnace problems can simply be repaired if the system is less than ten years old. Usually, if you do not see frequent issues, a repair is all that is necessary. If your furnace is getting old or is not performing optimally, our skilled, knowledgeable experts are here to help you get the most out of your budget and your heating system.  You can always count on us to analyze the situation, identify your options, and help you determine whether a repair or system replacement is necessary.

Common signs that it’s time to replace your heating system include:

  • Rising Energy Bills
  • 12+ Years Old
  • Frequent Repairs/Breakdowns
  • Repairs Add up to 1/3 the Cost of Replacement
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How Much Does a Furnace Repair Cost?

We believe honesty is one of the most important aspects of doing business. And we’ve built our reputation on always doing the right thing, even when no one is watching.   If you’re like most people, you value transparency, and that is exactly what you’ll get from Shift Air Mechanical each time you choose to work with us. We want to help our customers to make the most informed decision possible, even before you pick up the phone to call us. If you’re wondering what kind of toll your upcoming furnace repair might take on your wallet, we can help set your mind at ease.

There are a few major factors that impact our furnace repair pricing:


If you have an HVAC parts warranty, you may be covered in the case that a part fails and needs to be replaced. Each system, if installed by a licensed contractor and registered with the manufacturer comes with a limited parts warranty.

Component Repair or Replacement

When parts or components can’t be repaired, you will need to replace them. Purchasing a new part will add to your total cost of furnace repair and can vary in price, largely dependent on brand, our supplier’s pricing, availability and if it’s a part that we stock on our trucks.

Time and Difficulty of Repair

It goes without saying, but the longer a repair takes the more costly it can become. Some factors that can have the biggest impact on price are the system location, complexity of repair, age of system, wiring requirements—and whether the system is being repaired during our workday or as an after-hours emergency.

Technician Experience and Training

Have you ever heard of the saying you get what you pay for?  We are not the lowest price contractor out there, but we also aren’t the highest.  Our pricing is fair and takes into consideration the value and experience we offer.  We don’t allow just anyone to show up to your house. All our technicians are trained and certified to service all makes and models of heating equipment, enabling them to diagnose and repair your issue right the first time, every time.  We also are one of very few contractors who backs up our repair work with Shift Air Care Member Ship Program.

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