How Exactly Do You Change Your Air Filter?


We talk about the importance of filter changes on this blog quite often. Though, what many HVAC companies with a strong web presence forget to do is talk about exactly how your heater\’s air filter is supposed to be changed. We\’re not always talking to people who have as much time spent with these machines as we do, so sometimes it can feel like we\’re talking to experts when really, we\’re talking to homeowners with little to no experience in the field, just like you!

This isn\’t a bad thing. Not every homeowner has the time or the ability to spend so much time doing research about their HVAC system that they know exactly how to swap out their air filter. That\’s why we\’ve consolidated everything you need to know in one blog post. Get your air filter cleaned and replaced in no time with our handy guide to stave off furnace repair in Calgary, AB!


A Step by Step Guide to Changing Your Air Filter

That\’s exactly what we\’ve set out to do today—provide you with a step by step solution to your air filter woes. It doesn\’t have to be as complicated as some HVAC amateurs make it seem, so we\’ve gone through each step in detail to make sure you\’re not missing anything.

  1. Turn off your furnace. The first step to changing your heater\’s air filter is turning off your furnace. Changing the filter with your furnace on is not only dangerous, but could be damaging to your system.
  2. Find your air filter. Firstly, if you\’ve got the manual of your furnace then it should tell you precisely where your filter is. Otherwise, most furnace filters are located in the blower compartment or in the return air duct. Don\’t try pulling something that doesn\’t easily come loose, your filter should easily come free to be cleaned. If you have trouble locating the filter, give our team a call and we can help.
  3. Determine whether it needs to be cleaned or replaced. Different furnace filters require different solutions. Some filters are disposable and need to be replaced by new, store-bought ones. Other filters can just be wiped down or washed clean. Make sure if you\’re replacing the filter with a new one, that the dimensions are correct and the material is the same. Mark the direction the filter is facing so that you can replace it accordingly.
  4. Insert the clean filter. Be sure to insert the fresh filter into the blower compartment or return air duct the same way it was facing previously. Putting in an air filter that\’s facing the wrong direction could be damaging to your furnace and end up causing harm.
  5. Turn your furnace back on. At this point, once the new filter is securely placed inside your furnace, your system is ready to be turned on again. Take note of any differences you notice, like sounds or smells, in case there\’s a problem that needs to be addressed.

Voila! And there\’s your step by step guide to replacing your air filter.

Be sure to contact the team at Shift Air Mechanical Ltd. if something seems out of place when replacing your air filter.