Ductless Heating FAQ


If there\’s anything that prospective ductless heater owners need, it\’s an FAQ to answer all those questions that they often have. Unlike other heaters, like gas furnaces, ductless heaters are fairly new and utilize more recently developed technology that your average homeowner might not be familiar with.

So, if you\’re looking into options for a heating system in your home to be installed this year, don\’t count out a ductless system. We can help answer some of those questions that you\’ve been asking in this blog post today. Heating in Chestermere, AB doesn\’t have to be a complicated mess that leaves you in the dark. By doing some quick research, you can learn about the advantages a ductless heating system provides and what you can expect if you were to be the owner of such a system.

How Does a Ductless System Work?

Ductless heaters are heat pumps that utilize refrigerant in the same way that an air conditioner does, only it can do it in reverse. They consist of an outdoor cabinet and up to four indoor air handlers that can be placed in any home to customize your comfort levels. These air handlers circulate refrigerant between them and the outdoor cabinet, allowing for heat to be moved from the outdoors, to the inside of your home.

This process is efficient and effective for homes that don\’t have ductwork. Not only that, but they function via electricity, so homes that also don\’t have access to a natural gas pipeline can be easily heated.

Is a Ductless Heater Right for My Home?

Ductless heating isn\’t for everyone, but it can be right for your home. Take a look below at how this system could fit your lifestyle.

  • No air ducts or a small home. Some homes don\’t have the luxury of having forced air heaters that function via ductwork. If your home is too small for air ducts, or it just doesn\’t have ductwork from a central air conditioner, then a ductless heating system might be right for you.
  • Mild climate. When dealing with extreme cold, a ductless heating system might not be the best type of heater, since electricity can become more inefficient the colder it gets.

How Much Does It Cost?

When looking at prices for heaters, it\’s important to keep in mind more than just the initial price tag. A ductless heating system costs more than a gas or electric furnace does initially. They\’re also not serviced by every HVAC professional, which means you\’ll need to pay for the right team to perform the installation, repairs, and maintenance. However, with a high-efficiency system such as a ductless heater, you\’ll also save on your monthly heating bills to the extent that you might make back the money lost on the installation price.

Where Do I Start?

With us! We perform quality installations for ductless heating systems and can also discuss your options fully before you make a decision. If you\’ve got any other questions on the functionality of a ductless heat pump, or how it might help your home save energy and money, give us a call today.

Call the professionals at Shift Air Mechanical Ltd. for expert ductless heater installation. Shift Air tests, doesn\’t guess!