Why Your Commercial Refrigeration Needs Professional Help


We know, it might be a little strange to be talking about refrigeration as temperatures start to sharply drop for the winter. Even so, it might seem even stranger as restaurants all throughout the area are having a hard time attracting customers due to the pandemic. How could any business out there afford commercial refrigeration help? Well, we\’re here to talk a bit about why skipping out on professional services for your refrigeration system could end up costing you a lot more.

Commercial refrigeration in Calgary, AB has a lot to do about safety than it does just keeping things at a satisfactory temperature. This might seem like the perfect time to cut corners and start working on your commercial refrigeration system yourself, and while we understand the sentiment, we\’d like to remind all the restaurant and business owners out there why this could be a terrible idea.

Why It\’s Better to \”Test\” and Not \”Guess\”

If you haven\’t heard yet, our motto is \”Shift Air tests, doesn\’t guess,\” which basically encapsulates our approach to everything. If something isn\’t tested and backed up by data, then it\’s not really an approach we\’d recommend. So, when it comes to commercial refrigeration, everything we\’re going to talk about is backed up by science and data by both the EPA and the FDA. Let\’s get started.

Professional Service Is Important

If you\’re a restaurant or a business that serves food, then you might be more inclined to get professional service. And if you\’re not, then we heavily advise you to pay attention to what we\’re about to talk about.

Food that\’s to be served needs to be kept at a very specific range of temperatures in order to eliminate the growth of bacteria. That\’s why we have heat lamps when serving food at buffets, so that the food can be kept above 140 degrees Fahrenheit to ensure that bacteria never has a chance to grow. When it comes to commercial refrigeration, it\’s no different.

Refrigeration systems that house ingredients and food need to be able to keep the temperatures below 40 degrees at a consistent rate. However, if it gets too cold, and drops below 32 degrees, you\’ll have everything inconveniently frozen, which is not ideal either. Basically, your commercial refrigeration system needs to be on point.

Avoid the Danger Zone

In order to avoid this \”danger zone\” (40-140 degrees Fahrenheit), your commercial refrigeration system needs to work accurately. If it consumes too much energy, you\’ll be in for some high bills and some serious headaches. However, if you keep turning it off to avoid those bills, you\’ll likely have unsanitary food on your hands and you could start dealing with a health and safety hazard.

The only way to appropriately deal with this kind of crisis is to invest in commercial refrigeration services that are offered by professionals. Our team has the tools and expertise to ensure that your coolers stay at optimal temperatures all the time, and that the food you\’ve paid for doesn\’t spoil. We know it might seem convenient to cut costs and work on a refrigerator yourself, but we urge you to avoid the potential health and safety violation by working with our team today.

Shift air tests, doesn\’t guess. Call Shift Air Mechanical Ltd. today for help with your commercial refrigeration system.