4 Reasons to Choose Us for Heating Services


So, now that we offer plumbing services, it\’s only fair that we remind all those homeowners out in Calgary as to why we\’re the team to choose over other professional HVAC companies. It might not seem obvious at first (many homeowners just like to stick with the same contractor they have been using), but we can provide a sensible upgrade to your experience with HVAC if you decide to work with us.

Now that temperatures are cooling down and heating in Calgary, AB is becoming more important, it\’s time to talk about how important heating service is and why our team is right for you. We promise that we\’ll provide you with some clear direction as to what differentiates us from our competitors, and why our dedication to our customers exceeds expectations.

Shift Air Tests, Doesn\’t Guess

Our motto is \”Shift Air tests, doesn\’t guess,\” which means exactly what you think it might mean. We use comprehensive, science-based strategies in order to diagnose, upgrade, or repair your heating system. Too many HVAC contractors would be completely satisfied with just letting you shell out as much money as possible for a new replacement heater without actually addressing the problem behind why it needed to be replaced in the first place.

Heaters rely on energy or fuel-efficiency, affordable pricing, safety precautions, and a whole other set of factors that can really make or break your budget. Only by taking a scientific approach by what our team does can you fully come to grips with the condition and future of your comfort.

The Cost of Real Comfort Care

Why does our service cost what it does? Well, there are three huge reasons for this.

  • Our Guarantees. While there might be quite a few professional HVAC companies in the area, most of them won\’t offer a customer service guarantee. We\’re members of this community and started out as just a workshop in Brent McQuade\’s garage. We wouldn\’t have gotten to where we are today if it weren\’t for the dedication we show our customers, and that comes in the form of a guarantee.
  • Emergency Service Response. Not every HVAC team wants to provide 24/7 emergency services. Not every team has the resources available to even try to offer that kind of service. We do, plain and simple. If you need help, we\’re always around to get it done.
  • Our Daikin Products. Some HVAC contractors don\’t have access to the best-manufactured systems on the market. As an Elite Daikin dealer, we can get you access to some of the most efficient, effective, and affordable Daikin comfort systems available.

Don\’t Forget Our Heat Guarantee

If you\’re suffering from a heating emergency here in Calgary this winter, then we want you to know you\’re in good hands. If we can\’t fix your furnace and get your heat back on before we\’re finished, we\’ll personally put you and your family in a hotel for the night and supply electric heaters for your home. We want to make it very clear that the safety of our community members is, and always will be, our top priority.

Just give Shift Air Mechanical Ltd. a call to experience the next level in heating comfort. Shift Air tests, doesn\’t guess!