What CAN a Homeowner Do for Their Heater?


We\’re sure you\’re probably tired of us telling you to constantly call a professional. In this day and age, with our common access to the internet, the world is full of homeowners that are eager to perform their own DIY solutions to many problems. That\’s why it can be pretty demoralizing when you read about how important it is to not try doing something yourself and to call a licensed, experienced specialist for the job.

However, we\’d be lying if we said that there was absolutely nothing a homeowner could do to help maintain their heater throughout the winter. As a matter of fact, there are some pretty huge things that can be done without the supervision of a professional HVAC technician, which also plays a large role in the healthy upkeep of your system.

And don\’t forget—for everything else, make sure to call us for heating service in Calgary, AB!

Regular Heater Upkeep

You wouldn\’t believe the number of times we\’ve seen homeowners with neglected heaters that are bitter that we tell them not to open the heater up to inspect it themselves. While yes, only a certified HVAC technician should open your heater up and inspect it thoroughly, that doesn\’t mean you can let your system get neglected in other ways. Here are a few examples you can keep your system from getting neglected for when professionals do come to service them:

Keep the Area Clean

No, we\’re not trying to say that your home is dirty. Rather, when things pile up over the years and your furnace or boiler gets surrounded by flammable objects like books and wood, it might be a lot harder for you and your local contractor to inspect the heater or notice when things are wrong with it. Especially if you have a gas-powered system, you should definitely keep flammable objects away for safety purposes.

In addition to keeping things safe, helping clean the area around your heater can also reduce the amount of dust that gets in the air. If you\’re dealing with a forced-air heating system, dusting your home and cleaning regularly can keep your indoor air quality fresh and your air filter happy!

Change Your Air Filter

Speaking of air filters, it\’s generally a good idea to change the air filter on your heater every 1-3 months. This ensures your system isn\’t being stifled by a dirty filter. When you wait too long to change out your air filter, the dust, dirt, and debris can clog the system up and make your heater work harder to cycle through the same amount of air. Keep your system happy by changing out the filter regularly.

Pay Close Attention

Once you\’ve cleared out the area around your heater and the air filter has been changed out, the next important thing you can do for your heater is to pay close attention. We apologize if this sounds boring, but it\’s really such an integral part of a healthy heating system.

Take it from the experts, we see heater problems all the times that were signaled by loud noises, shaking, or strange smells that the homeowners never addressed. Call a professional if you notice anything off today!

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