Which Maintenance Plan Is Right for You


Silver plans, bronze plans, agreement A, agreement B, it can be hard to understand the difference from one maintenance plan to another. Unfortunately, just like health care or car maintenance, you\’re going to have to make an informed decision to address the routine maintenance that your air conditioner or heater needs. Before you say anything, yes—your heater will require maintenance if you want it to last anywhere close to its expected full lifespan.

Heater maintenance in Calgary, AB is important because of our climate. It can get exceptionally cold here for an extended season, which means that homeowners are inclined to have their heater last for as long as possible while consuming as little fuel as necessary to keep their homes warm. That\’s why we\’re going to go through and talk about what you can expect from different maintenance plans, the pros and cons of each one, and which plan might be better for you.

What Constitutes a \”Better\” Plan?

We know that homeowners are looking through a singular lens of trying to find a heater maintenance plan that\’s objectively better. While this might be a hard question to answer, it\’s definitely doable. Let\’s start with some essential questions.

  • How many HVAC systems do you own?
  • How old is are your HVAC systems?
  • How frequent are their repairs?

These are important questions to consider when deciding which maintenance plan is right for you. That\’s because certain plans will run more expensive upfront, but in actuality, they\’re cheaper per system and they save far more money than they cost. So, let\’s break down where each question can give you insight into the plan that\’s right for you.

Number of Systems

If you\’ve got one air conditioner or heater, you might be better off with a cheaper plan, since your repairs won\’t happen as frequently as someone with more HVAC systems. A cheaper maintenance plan will still give you the benefit of discounts and priority service without costing more than your system is worth.

Homeowners that have a plethora of HVAC systems—like air quality, heating, cooling, and other types of systems altogether—should invest in a more intense maintenance plan. Sure, it means you\’ll have a higher upfront plan monthly price, but you\’ll receive a far greater amount in savings while also keeping repair needs and issues at bay to a greater extent.

How Old Is Your Heater?

This is a huge factor in determining your level of maintenance. We advise using our own rule of thumb, that a system going on 6 years of service should be using a maintenance plan similar to our Gold Plan. This means that a heater going beyond 6 years in age will probably start showing more problems and signs of aging, which a better maintenance plan will be able to mitigate more thoroughly.

How Frequent Are the Repairs?

This can also help you figure out what kind of maintenance plan you need. If your heater constantly requires repairs, then having a higher level of maintenance performed on it each year, as well as a higher percentage of savings through a better plan, could be helpful to you.

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