Get Your Heater Repaired Before Winter


Notice how we said \”before\” winter? There\’s a reason for this. As we enter fall, it becomes more and more important to check up on our heating systems that have been in hibernation. Any repair needs that became problems last season are going to be front and center this season. If you thought time and ignorance got rid of your heating problems, you\’ve got another thing coming!

So, today we\’re going to talk about the importance of getting your heater repaired earlier rather than later. If you\’re keen on avoiding breakdowns on the coldest days of the year, and you\’d like to get all your ducks in a row before the frost hits, then keep reading. We\’re your local experts on HVAC in Chestermere, AB and we\’re going to give you the rundown on what to expect when it comes to heater repair.

No Alarms and No Surprises

While yes, these might be lyrics to a great song by Radiohead, they\’re also fundamental reasons why it\’s vital that you get your heater repaired before it\’s in full use. When you\’re running a gas furnace, after a few years the heat exchanger could crack and you could start smelling fumes or dealing with carbon monoxide. When this happens, your smoke detectors or carbon monoxide detectors will go off loudly and uncomfortably. Wouldn\’t it be nice if you could avoid this situation altogether?

If you smell anything strange coming from your heater, or you did last season, then call our team for repairs today. You could have a cracked heat exchanger or an exhaust problem which needs to be addressed as soon as possible. We can provide sensible options to keep you happy and warm this winter.

Improve Efficiency Levels

Fine, your heater might be working decently when you turn it on this fall, but is it working efficiently? This can easily be answered by looking at your heating bills from the last heating season. Were you paying way too much out of pocket for your heating bills? That means your system is running inefficiently and it could use a repair.

Whether you\’re suffering from an aging system, a system that\’s got a clogged air filter, or some other type of problem, repairs can help improve efficiency levels. If there\’s something in the way of your system functioning at peak performance, then only a trained professional will be able to restore it to how it\’s supposed to work.

Better Performance

In this case, better performance means more quality heating. There\’s no use shivering at home during the winter because you forgot to schedule repairs for your broken heater. By having the system repaired early, like at the beginning of the fall, your system can heat your home better in the months ahead. This means you get that warm, comfy, cozy heat that you always dream of when wintertime rolls around!

Don\’t succumb to poor performance, efficiency, or safety standards. Do yourself a favor and get your heater repaired before you need to rely on it day after day.

Call Shift Air Mechanical Ltd. for your very own heater repair. Shift air tests, doesn\’t guess!