Is It Too Late for AC Maintenance? No Way!


We\’d like to be very clear about this—it\’s never too late to get air conditioner maintenance. While it might be later than what\’s convenient, that doesn\’t mean you can\’t still get the full benefits you would from springtime AC maintenance.

We often get homeowners who think that because it\’s later in the year, they missed maintenance for good. That couldn\’t be further from the truth. Air conditioner maintenance beneficial no matter when you get it, because it\’s those adjustments and small repairs made during maintenance that will keep it in good condition for the following spring and summer.

Are you still not convinced? We get it, there\’s more to scheduling AC maintenance than just calling us every year. Let\’s talk about why late AC maintenance in Calgary, AB is better than no maintenance.

The Benefits of Springtime Maintenance

The most important reason why we push for air conditioner maintenance during the springtime is because of convenience. Spring is one of the seasons when we\’re not too busy with AC repair calls or heater issues that we\’ve got plenty of time to pay close attention to your needs. That doesn\’t mean we can\’t perform quality maintenance services in the summer, just that you might be waiting a little bit longer than you\’d like.

When scheduling maintenance in the springtime, it\’s easier to schedule an appointment that\’s convenient for you rather than what\’s convenient for us. Just because it\’s nearing the end of summer doesn\’t mean maintenance won\’t dramatically help your system though!

Things to Consider

If you\’re thinking of skipping maintenance until next year, take a look at some of the more important reasons to get maintenance performed on your air conditioner. Each year that maintenance is skipped, an air conditioner generally loses about 5% of its efficiency, and things can get a lot worse and expensive from there. Let\’s take a look.

  • Increased efficiency. As we mentioned before, an air conditioner can lose up to 5% of its efficiency every year it goes without maintenance. Maintenance can make it operate smoothly since a professional will lubricate ball bearings, make minor adjustments, and repair small issues.
  • Less frequent repairs. Air conditioners that aren\’t maintained well can oftentimes become surprisingly faulty. Since nobody has taken the time to inspect them and maintain them, it\’s anyone\’s guess as to the conditioner that they\’re in. When you sign up for maintenance, you\’re getting a promise that you won\’t have frequent repairs in the coming seasons.
  • Longer system lifespan. Well-maintained systems last a lot longer than those that are neglected. If you\’d like to keep your air conditioner for as long as the manufacturer says it\’ll last, then have it maintained—no matter the time of year.

Call Us

We provide sensible air conditioner maintenance all year round. We don\’t care if you missed an appointment earlier this year. We also don\’t care if your air conditioner hasn\’t been maintained for the past couple of years, we\’ll see what we can do! Our main goal is to keep your HVAC equipment running smoothly for as long as possible.

The team at Shit Air Mechanical Ltd. can maintain your system easily. Call us! Shift air tests, doesn\’t guess!