Top 4 AC Repairs to Be Aware of


We talk about air conditioner repair a lot on this blog, and for good reason. AC systems are designed to function for longer periods of time these days, and if you\’re looking to keep yours living past its 10th birthday, then you\’ll need to be vigilant. There are some common repairs that homeowners should know about, since they\’re likely what\’s ailing your system if you\’re encountering problems.

So, in the spirit of being professionals in the field of HVAC, we\’ve decided to talk about some of the more common problems that you might experience with your air conditioner and what to do about said problems. Luckily, you\’ve got access to a team of qualified individuals when you need AC repair in Calgary, AB and you should never be afraid to call us if any of the following problems seem familiar!

Common AC Problems

When we say common, we mean that these are problems that we expect to occur in an air conditioner. Of course, there are uncommon problems that are a little bit harder to see coming. However, with this list, you\’ll have a bit more insight when you start to experience and issue. It\’s a good idea to jot down notes about the problem you\’re experiencing so that you can give a thorough rundown to your HVAC professional when they arrive on the scene.

Clogged Air Filter

Air filters are the largest culprit of problems with air conditioners. Homeowners often forget that they have air filters, let alone the fact that they\’re supposed to change them every 1-3 months. Over time, an air filter will clog with dust and debris, stifling the airflow into the system. Once this happens, your air conditioner will struggle to get air, causing it to stress and consume more energy than usual. Your indoor air quality will suffer, your efficiency levels will drop, and you\’ll start to experience repairs more frequently than you would have before.

Refrigerant Leak

Your air conditioner relies on refrigerant lines to move heat from one location to another. Without that, you can kiss the efficacy of such a system goodbye.

Thankfully, refrigerant leaks can be easy to detect from a wide margin of issues. On one hand, leaking gas that\’s coming from a refrigerant line tends to make a \”hissing\” noise, as well as other noises that can be easy to notice. Leaking refrigerant will also start causing your energy bills to rise and the temperature of your home to struggle meeting what you\’ve listed on your thermostat.

Electrical Issue

If your air conditioner has trouble starting and stopping, there could be an electrical malfunction occurring within it. From damaged capacitors, to frayed wires and tripped fuses, electrical issues are nothing to scoff at. That\’s why it\’s important to contact a professional if you start to notice your AC having difficulty receiving power or starting up successfully.

Condensate Drain Clog

Smell a musty or moldy scent that\’s coming from your air conditioner? The condensate drain could be clogged and that would lead to mold growth. Have this drain cleared out for proper AC performance. Condensate drains are relatively simple parts to fix, but the issue must be caught early on before it does any damage.

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