Joining Our Maintenance Plan Helps with Your Repairs


What? How the heck can maintenance help with repairs? You choose one or the other, maintenance or repairs, right? Well, it\’s not that simple and we\’d like to discuss why.

Maintenance is a fundamental aspect of owning a heating system. That being said, you will need heater repair in Airdrie, AB at some point in the lifespan of your heater. So why are these two services interconnected? Because quality maintenance helps prevent repairs and makes them cheaper in the long run.

By signing up for yearly maintenance, yes even right now, you could be mitigating repairs that would have occurred one, two, or three years down the line. Not only that, but the repairs you do need might be a lot less expensive when they\’re parts that have been maintained for so long. Let\’s talk about some other benefits that come with a quality maintenance plan.

Where Maintenance Shines

Maintenance doesn\’t really get a fair reputation in our day and age. While it\’s true that you might know some of the benefits that come with a regular tune-up, you might not know of the sheer improvements your life could have with a service like this. Here are a few extra reasons why maintenance really shines where nobody is looking.

  • Repairs cost less. We mentioned earlier that maintenance reduces the cost of repairs, but how? When you\’re a part of our maintenance club, you receive no truck charges, a discount off new furnace or AC parts, and priority service within 24 hours. If you combine this with the fact that a well-maintained heater won\’t need repairs as often, you\’re really saving as much money as you possibly can.
  • Repairs will be less frequent. Our maintenance plan comes a yearly check-up for the silver plan, and a twice a year check-up for the gold plan. These check-ups actually let our professional technician make minor adjustments and repairs on the system for parts that don\’t need too much service. This helps keep away expensive repair needs and allows us to ensure your system runs in peak condition.
  • Bills will be lower. We know it\’s not the most exciting fact, but it\’s true that your bills will be substantially lower when you invest in maintenance. Yearly maintenance on your heater keeps the efficiency levels high and that keeps your month-to-month bills low.
  • Discount on an eventual replacement. Homeowners all too frequently don\’t want to part with their old heating system, so they\’ll schedule repairs far into the unit\’s old age. When you\’re part of our maintenance agreement, we\’ll provide major discounts on full system replacements so you never need to get your old system repaired beyond the bounds of what\’s acceptable.

Make Things Easier

Maintenance really shines in the areas where you can\’t see it. From month-to-month savings on your bills, to lower repair costs and downright discounts on a new system, it\’s worth every penny. Don\’t assume you can skip this kind of service, and call us to see which maintenance plan works for you and your heating system.

Contact Shift Air Mechanical Ltd. for comprehensive heater maintenance. Shift Air tests, doesn\’t guess!