Daikin Furnaces: The Difference with a Better Built System


Daikin is a name that\’s pretty closely-associated with air conditioners. While we know that\’s definitely a benefit for our team during the summer, it kind of hurts us during the winter when we wan to talk about some of our most impressive Daikin technology.

Daikin furnaces, as well as other furnace models that we work on, are some of the most efficient in the world. Since we utilize our heaters for so much of the year in Alberta, it\’s important that we use ones that are cost-effective and don\’t use too much fuel.

Many homeowners are interested in getting a Daikin furnace, or a newer brand-name furnace model, but they\’re afraid of the cost and complexity of furnace repair in Airdrie, AB. Let\’s talk about high-efficiency furnace technology, why it\’s improved so much in the past few years, and why now might be the best time to get a new system or have your struggling one repaired.

How Furnace Efficiency Is Measured

Furnaces are measured with an AFUE rating, which is the annual fuel utilization efficiency of a system. In layman\’s terms, this is basically a ratio of fuel consumed to heat produced. Following us so far? Good.

High-efficiency heaters use less fuel to produce more heat. They\’re basically better than older systems in every way possible. That tight efficiency ratio is going to be important when your system runs into repairs because anything that hinders the operation of your furnace will dramatically reduce the efficiency.

Investing in a New Daikin Furnace

How do you know if it\’s time to invest in a new, high-efficiency furnace? Well, let\’s take a look at some points that could steer you in the right direction.

  • Your older furnace isn\’t working properly. If your older furnace isn\’t working properly, a newer and more efficient furnace will be able to get the job done as long as it\’s set up by a professional.
  • You have a furnace that\’s 80 AFUE or below. Furnaces are becoming more and more efficient every year. A furnace that runs below 80 AFUE is unacceptable and is probably costing you too much to run.
  • Your system is expensive to repair. Older, less efficient systems might actually become harder to repair as time goes on. Investing in a high-efficiency system might leave you happier and with lower heating bills down the line.

Getting a Daikin Furnace Repaired

Homeowners sometimes avoid upgrading their furnaces because they think that an older, less efficient system is easier to repair. There\’s a misconception that more professionals are available to repair these kinds of systems, so the price of a fix will be lower. That\’s not entirely true.

Not only are repairs for less efficient, older systems more expensive because the parts are harder to find, but you\’re more likely to receive subpar service the cheaper you find it. Just because some family friends or neighbors know how to fix an older furnace, doesn\’t mean it will be cheaper or more effective.

Our team provides comprehensive furnace repair for high-efficiency systems. You\’ll be in good hands when you get your system repaired or replaced by our pros.

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