4 Noisy Nuisances from Your Gas Furnace


Noises are not normal when they come from your furnace. Well, we mean the loud and obnoxious noises that don\’t just sound like air silently being pushed through your vents.

The fact is, homeowners often ignore the noises that come from their heater because they don\’t want to deal with the ensuing service call or furnace work that the noise generally calls for. However, if you\’re a homeowner that cares about your furnace, you\’ll know that the earlier you call a service professional about your furnace\’s noises, the better the results will be.

That\’s because gas furnace repair in Calgary, AB needs to be done to address issues before they compound into additional problems that eventually lead to a system breakdown. By pinpointing which noises warrant an emergency call, you\’ll be easier equipped to deal with your furnace issues in a timely manner. Save money and stop the headaches by reading on!

The Various Noises of a Furnace

Furnaces aren\’t inherently noisy, which is why we feel the need to remind you that any noises you hear are not normal. While different noises usually signify different problems, the bottom line is that any noise represents an issue that should be checked out by a professional. Keep that in mind as we go forward.

  • Booming. Booming is the sound of an explosion. If you\’re asking yourself how an explosion could be taking place in your furnace, remember that it\’s powered from the combustion of natural gas! This means you might have a delay in your ignition, either from a dirty burner or something else. Don\’t let this sound continue, it could end up cracking your heat exchanger and lead to a carbon monoxide leak.
  • Clicking. Aside from your furnace clicking on once, a continued clicking noise means there\’s a faulty flame sensor or another problem with the ignition, as the system tries to ignite your gas supply and it doesn\’t work. Contact a professional to figure out what\’s really going on.
  • Squealing. Similar to a car, squealing usually indicates a bad belt or fan motor. These are affordable repairs that we make fairly often, so don\’t be afraid to call a service professional today.
  • Rattling. A furnace that\’s rattling indicates that there\’s some small piece loose that\’s bouncing off the interior components. This usually occurs in the motor or fan, since these components have a lot of moving parts that can easily push around a small piece that\’s broken loose. Don\’t assume this noise will go away, if it gets worse you could find yourself reaching a system breakdown pretty soon.

Notice a Trend?

What do all of these common furnace noises have in common? Their solution is just not something that any homeowner can take care of, no matter how handy you are. Each sound that represents a problem in your furnace needs to be checked out and repaired by a professional heating specialist in order for your system to truly be fixed. Trying to fix a problem yourself could cost you even more money in the long run, so be cautious and call an expert!

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